"Treat your Pup with Barkery Goods"

Welcome to the Puppy Parlor Barkery & Pet Market. We are now offering local specialty dog treats, float toys, leashes, collars, and in home pet grooming supplies.

We offer curbside pickup. When placing an order, please call and we will have your order ready when you arrive.

Lobster Treat

$2.50 ea

2.5" Dog Bone Treat

$1.25 ea

Squirrel Treat

$2.25 ea

Doggy Donuts

$1.85 ea

Growlin' Gourmet

Organic Dog Biscuits 

6 oz bag

$6.00 ea




Puppy Peanut Butter Bars

$1.00 ea

Lobster Treats for Salty Dogs

5 oz bag

$8.00 ea


Home Grooming Supplies

Fresh Breath by TropiClean

Clean Teeth Gel - removes plaque & tarter, helps fight against gum disease

Oral Care Foam Spray - Fresh Breath, Mint

Dual-end toothbrushes - $1.00             



Tropiclean Hypoallergenic Wipes


- Removes dirt, dander, and pet odor without rinsing

- Great for removing eye buildup

- Perfect for pets with allergies and sensitive skin

- Dog and Cat friendly

Universal Curved Slicker Brush


Great for removing mats, loose hair and debris. A favorite in the grooming industry.

Andis Steel Comb


Helps remove tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt. Lightweight and features both coarse and fine teeth.

Ideal for all size dogs and cats.

Aromacare Ear Wipes


For healthy and fresh-smelling ears. Perfect for daily use. Regular use will help prevent ear infections. For dogs and puppies.

100 Presoaked Textured Wipes

Leashes & Collars

Red & White Anchors

Green Kelly Whale

Pink Kelly Whale

All leashes & collars come in 

3/4" or 1 1/4" Width


3/4" X Small ,Small, Medium


1 1/4" Medium, Large


Leashes (6ft length)

3/4" Leash $24.95

1 1/4" Leash $27.95 

Red Lobster

Pink Lobster

 Burgundy Bumble Bee

Don't see a style, Don't worry. 

We offer custom ordering from the manufacturer. Just stop in and take a look through our product catalog. No minimum order. Please allow 1 week for shipping time. 

Aqua Starfish

Dog Toys

Taco Plush Toy

7" Small Toy  $6.99

12" Large Toy $7.99

Great for squeaky 


Floating Rope Fetch Toy

Made in Maine with real lobster rope

Small Toy (blue) - $10.00

Large Toy (assorted colors) - $12.00

Flatties Moose Toy


Plush Soccer Ball


Parlor Hours


Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 8am - 4pm

Wednesday: 8am - 4pm

Thursday: 8am - 4pm

Friday: 8am - 4pm

Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Have a question or would like to make an appointment. Contact us today.

Phone: 207-846-9800

Email: Puppyparlormaine@gmail.com

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